How to Effectively Overcome the Global Tech Talent Shortage

Tech talent shortage statistics at a massive scale

What’s driving the tech talent shortage

Developers are retiring

Lack of proper education

Expectations are set too high

Technology is evolving

Massive software adoption is on the rise

Staff turnover

How to fight the developer shortage: 5 insights

Create meaningful partnerships with the education sector

Reinvent recruitment strategy

Nurture employees upon retention

  • Rising contentment through a fair wage, good working conditions, and high corporate morale
  • Asking for feedback on the tasks given and quickly acting on it
  • Incorporating interviews with HR managers or employee surveys to make sure job satisfaction is in place
  • Engaging newcomers into regular team discussions to share goals for the upcoming week, month, or year
  • Encouraging mentoring to let new employees have someone to look up to and rely on
  • Providing newcomers with a well-being program like seasonal tickets to the gym, healthcare insurance, paid sick leave, and so on

Think as wide as the globe

Upskill or reskill the existing workforce

Addressing the shortage of IT talent



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