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Daily Scrum Meeting is a necessary part of every Sprint, because it helps teams track their progress toward the Sprint Goal. But these brief meetings can end up being a time suck for the whole team if they’re not handled appropriately. Our experience will help keep you and your team on task and avoid wasting time.

What is the Daily Scrum Meeting?

Successful Agile software development is impossible without effective Daily Scrum Meetings. Let’s start with the theory. What is a Daily Scrum Meeting?

According to the Scrum Guide, “The Daily Scrum is a 15-minute event for the Developers…

What is GitOps? GitOps serves as a more specific version of DevOps, gathering an increased interest among IT leaders.

Raman Khvashcheuski, DevOps Department Manager at Exadel defines GitOps as a pattern, where a source control system (like Git) is used as a reliable source of information about infrastructure and any changes can be applied just after a pull-request (classic pipeline for Git). GitOps is a pattern for Infrastructure as Code used to control, maintain and manage any resources (preferably cloud resources) and collect information about infrastructure, services, applications and deployments. …

We are happy to announce that we have just released a new video entitled “Exadel CompreFace JavaScript SDK Workshop: How to Make a Simple Webcam Face Detection in a Browser.”

In this workshop, our expert Dostonbek Oripjonov will show you how to easily integrate face recognition into any website using CompreFace JS SDK.

What is CompreFace?

CompreFace is a free and open-source face recognition GitHub project. Essentially, it is a docker-based application that can be used as a standalone server or deployed in the cloud. You don’t need prior machine learning skills to set up and use CompreFace.

The system provides REST API…

Exadel has recently published a demo of our face detection service.

This short tutorial will give you a clear understanding of how you can use CompreFace. The video is short but comprehensive, so watching it will give you everything you need to know to start your project with CompreFace.

If you have any questions about how to use Exadel CompreFace for your next project, Contact us. Or get in touch with the CompreFace support team at [email protected]

Originally published at on June 28, 2021.

Read other Exadel articles about Agile approach

Agile software development is impossible without thorough planning. High-quality iteration planning is important for the whole Team because it helps all members collaborate effectively. Many teams are implementing Scrum. In this article, we discuss designing a Sprint Planning agenda that facilitates positive results.

What is Sprint Planning?

According to the Scrum guide, “Sprint Planning initiates the Sprint by laying out the work to be performed for the Sprint. This resulting plan is created by the collaborative work of the entire Scrum Team.”

Essentially, Sprint Planning is when the entire Scrum Team meets to establish the Goal for…

Read other Exadel articles about Agile approach

Working with requirements is crucial for Agile software development, so teams often use Product Backlog Refinement to ensure that all parties understand what is expected of them.

According to the Scrum Guide, “ Product Backlog refinement is the act of adding detail such as a description, order, and size to items in the Product Backlog.”

But the Scrum Guide does not give a detailed description of how exactly to undertake this task. It provides flexibility and allows teams to choose the frequency of, approach to, and techniques used in Product Backlog Refinement. …

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Interacting with a laptop or smartphone typically involves three of the five senses: touch, sight, and hearing. One billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability that can impact that interaction. Some applications are made to simplify everyday life, but issues with accessibility can mean that those very applications aren’t usable by the very people they could help the most. To help minimize this issue, accessibility testing has become part of the development process for creating high-quality applications and web pages.

What is Accessibility Testing?

Accessibility testing is part of usability…

Companies have long relied on a few traditional ways of maximizing employee productivity. Up until recently, the only options were essentially manual attendance management systems. Employees had to fill in paper timesheets which recorded their work hours. Although this tracking system was widely used, it lacked flexibility, led to inaccuracies and timesheet tampering, and often resulted in human error. Today there are options for robust automated employee attendance management systems, which are a great tool that help organizations save time by reducing administrative work and eliminating process bottlenecks. The market is now rife with modern solutions, but attendance systems based…

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted numerous organizations in various industries, and the IT sector has also faced curtain challenges while trying to adjust to a new reality. The main long-term impact on IT was based on the ability of these organizations to follow their business continuity plans and disaster recovery strategies.

Read the full Q&A article on Digital Journal with Oleg Boyko, CTO at Exadel, to learn more on how COVID-19 pandemic has changed IT, what changes were considered as momentous and how the IT sector may evolve in the future. Oleg also shares his advice on how to support business continuity or disaster recovery plans in IT organizations.

Originally published at on May 25, 2021.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, more technical talent is needed in numerous organizations in retail, e-commerce, healthcare, financial services, etc. to meet the growing demand of consumers and businesses to develop digitally. Businesses accelerate their IT development to meet customers’ demand, increase internal productivity and boost market presence and product offerings. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, customers started to request more online services and they started to rely more on e-commerce, which in turn required organizations to adapt to the growing digital demand and offer better products and services.

Outsourcing IT skills starts to be a crucial strategy to keep pace…

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